ADAM has just concluded an exciting week-long team building in Palma de Mallorca. During this beautiful experience, we had the opportunity to strengthen our bond and improve the collaboration between us.
In the first day we held a workshop on ADAM’s purpose, mission and vision, during which we put forward proposals, then discussed and voted on, on the challenges we will face over the next 5 years.
The rest of the week we enjoyed snorkelling and karaoke, but we also trained the mind with detective games, escape rooms and the body with padel, climbing, cycling; each activity has been specially designed to promote cooperation and trust among team members.
Despite the enthusiasm and active participation in the team building, we have always given the utmost consideration to the objective of providing assistance to our customers: since the first month of Covid, we managed to be able to work from anywhere in a safe and effective way, and we have demonstrated it in an exemplary way with this experience by guaranteeing continuity of service and satisfying our clients’ needs without interruptions.
The team building offered the opportunity to unite in an informal setting and to share unforgettable moments that strengthened professional and personal ties, we strongly believe that a cohesive and motivated team is essential to offer ever more effective and innovative services and to ensure a satisfied and loyal clientele.

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