The power

of smart cash management

You want to.

Manage cash flow.

Work in unison with your customers and suppliers.

Free your processes from slow and obsolete mechanisms.

You Want to Optimise.

You Want to Save.

And we know it

This is why, since 2006, ADAM has been developing

digital cash management tools merging the knowledge

of Information Technology experts with

the expertise of Cash Management professionals.





And this is why we have created KNOX,

the only digital platform

synergizes Banks, CMCs and Retailers.

In unison.

Like an orchestra.

Web Platform

Knox is interely web-based,

hence, universally accessible,

and distributed as Software as a Service:

  • you choose and pay only for the modules you need
  • constantly updated
  • start using it right away
  • we guarantee the entire process




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12 / 11 / 2019

More power to retailers

Retailers often rely on multiple bank accounts and want to have an overview of their own data, without having to connect to different applications for different banks.

Now, this was made possible thanks to Knox: a platform where retailers ...

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