Optimization of cash costs


Optimization of cash costs

OptiMoney is an innovative system for the optimization of cash costs, applied to branches, ATMs, cash centres and retail stores.

It is an expert system based on proprietary algorithms: forecasting by modelling historic series, automatic choice of best performing forecast, automatic calculation of the action that minimizes costs, "what if" statistics for ex-post analysis.

the platform

For us this, too, is a part of the war on cash imposed by the main international economic institutions. In fact, it is the most painless part because it reduces cash without changing savers habits.

  • Optimization of cash costs
  • Monitoring cash stocks in real time
  • Automatic check on respect for insurance coverage
  • Automated cash management process
  • Drastic cuts in the costs of services or of immobilized cash stocks
  • Increased operating efficiency
  • Analysis of historic series
  • Decreased inefficiencies towards customers
  • Increased security

The Map

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Without OptiMoney With OptiMoney

cash management office

  • management of automatic proposals
  • less time required to manage external ATMs


  • automatic proposals based on time series analysis
  • reduced transport and replenishment costs
  • reduced customer disruption

National central bank

  • reduced transport costs to/from the National Central Bank


  • increased operational efficiency: automatic proposals based on time series analysis
  • reduced transport costs

cash center

  • Stock upper-bound optimization


OptiMoney allows balances to be monitored in real time thanks to integration with bank systems or devices. OptiMoney generates significant savings by reducing cash costs, considering:

  • Transport costs
  • Counting costs
  • The cost of immobilized cash
  • Costs linked to management times
  • Costs due to inefficiencies


The cash flow management process is automated, increasing the efficiency of operations and of branch personnel, and reducing inefficiencies for the customers.




OptiMoney improves the bank’s security by reducing the amount of or the number of cash transfers.


Before activating these modules, it is necessary to activate the Pre-billing module, which allows you to identify the costs that should be optimized and monitor the trend of costs after carrying out the corrective actions.

  • Cash Optimizer (COp)
  • Forecasting and automatic order generation
    • OptiCC
    • OptiATM
    • OptiBranch
    • OptiRetail

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