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the logistic coordination of cash

Knox is the platform most widely used by Italian banks to manage the transport of cash and valuables:

the platform

The Knox platform allows the complete management of cash transport with the interaction in a single web tool of all the actors involved:

  • Branches
  • Cash management office
  • Carriers
  • Cash Centres
  • Computerized bank systems and services
  • Retail multiples
  • Cash counting machines
  • Cash-in cash-out
  • Cash-in machines at the retailers

The Map

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Without Knox With Knox

cash management office

  • full process tracking and control
  • significantly reduced administration times through the automation of routine administration
  • manual administration limited to exceptional cases
  • automatic calculation of transport and count costs (pre-billing)
  • enhanced inquiry and reporting tools
  • possible integration with bank accounting systems
  • real-time disruption monitoring


  • management of technical interventions
  • possible real-time management control of stock levels

National central bank

  • quick, functional tools for making National Central Bank withdrawals and deposits
  • automatic management of cash recycling flows


  • immediate information on request (available balance, the exceeding of any limits, etc.)
  • greater security thanks to updated specimen signatures
  • possible integration with the bank's accounting systems
  • streamlined number of requests thanks to personal limits
  • possible real-time control of ceilings

cash center

  • autonomous and binding acquisition of services at predefined times
  • platform already integrated with many Cash Centres
  • full justification of cash centre processing
  • less tied-up funds

general contractor for cit

  • advanced management tools for dependent suppliers
  • automatic pre-billing calculation for accounts payable (trade liabilities), bank receivables and retail customer receivables
  • standardisation of management processes for all customers
  • transparency: customers autonomously check the development of services and their own pre-invoices

Cash-in-transit companies

  • autonomous and binding acquisition of services at predefined times
  • workforce management tools (security staff and specimen signatures)
  • platform already used by many CIT companies

Retail Market

  • ability to view incoming funds prior to being credited
  • automatic credit on bank accounting systems
  • possibility of direct customer interaction for delivery requests or additional steps
  • advanced cash-in management with possible automatic credit prior to withdrawal
  • extremely flexible management of delivery schedules
  • money laundering legislation compliance check


Knox is the only platform which allows three fundamental benefits to be achieved immediately:




from a multi-bank and multi-service standpoint. The Knox platform can also be used in Cloud Computing mode with tariffs based on effective use.


Knox platform base-package modules

  • Automatic user authentication
  • Order placement
  • Non-cash valuables management
  • L3 banknotes management
  • Interactive retailer collections
  • Order consignment
  • Orders authorization
  • Multi-level authorization
  • Notification of pending inefficiencies
  • Operative data analysis
  • Automated data import from cash centres
  • Assignment confirmation
  • Cash centre stock level management
  • Stock level analysis
  • Stock level certification
  • Order validation
  • Denominations analysis
  • Order scheduling
  • Cash point grouping
  • Limits per denomination
  • Festive and pre-festive days management
  • Cash allocation of branches' orders

Even though the following modules are not required for a complete platform functionality, they can be useful to achieve further benefits or manage specific client's working processes.

Regulation compliance

  • National Central Bank GS1 orders
  • National Central Bank BRF flows
  • Anti-money laundering

Suppliers monitoring

  • Historical inefficiencies, SLA and penalties
  • CIT supervision
  • Tracking

Process optimization

  • Accounting integration
  • Advanced monitoring of branches
  • Cheque truncation
  • Maintenance management
  • Damaged banknotes management
  • Ticketing
  • Packages consignment in cash centre

Cost optimization

  • Pre-billing
  • Ticketing for pre-billing
  • Multi-bank cash centre

Retail clients management

  • Retail CDM System (RCS) (retailer's early credit)
  • Automatic retailers' takings crediting


  • Advanced messaging system
  • Multi-language package

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